When she’s angry with her sister, she may still smack her

As she probably reminds you daily, though, it’s a process. When she’s angry with her sister, she may still smack her. Remind her of the techniques she has at her disposal to soothe her irritated soul. Hedge funds gained 1.03{f71029841a88768c32154c3fc8118c706ad3a5c11b041b11670bc03a0f0f2c9c} during the month of December, with 2016 returns coming in at 4.48{f71029841a88768c32154c3fc8118c706ad3a5c11b041b11670bc03a0f0f2c9c}. Meanwhile, underlying markets as represented by the MSCI AC World Index (Local) gained 2.38{f71029841a88768c32154c3fc8118c706ad3a5c11b041b11670bc03a0f0f2c9c} in December with its 2016 returns coming in at 7.37{f71029841a88768c32154c3fc8118c706ad3a5c11b041b11670bc03a0f0f2c9c}. North American equity markets traded higher in December as the Trump driven reflation theme buoyed markets in a somewhat oneymoonperiod post election.

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