Company Presentation – Organization Context

VIPALTEX is a textile company consisting of two production units: apparel confection and weaving.

Established since 1985, VIPALTEX is nowadays a company focused on the challenges of the global market. Modernizing, innovating and guaranteeing the quality of the services provided are the pillar of our company’s strategy, certified since 2000 by the Standard NP EN ISO 9001.

The production of apparel is mainly for the external market, with the weaving unit being the supplier of the raw material used in the garment production process. This is a competitive advantage to point out: “We guarantee what we manufacture throughout the entire process”, we have created and developed our own showcase that mirrors our vocation at the private label level.

In garment production the company produces to order, mainly for the foreign market working for major internationally renowned brands due to its high standards of quality requirements. One of the short-term objectives will be to approach the foreign market in a more direct way, and in this way promote a more institutionalized and close contact with its clients.

Due to its installed capacity and the technological development of its confection it allows Vipaltex to work for a demanding and competitive market.

Vipaltex is specialized in the confection of all types of fabrics, thus creating the best solutions, responding to the different specificities of each customer. We confide any type of fabric, jersey, interlock, lycra, piquet, American and Italian fleece, etc …

The quality control management department acts from the choice of raw material to the finished product, thus conferring high standards of rigor, always seeking the full satisfaction of our customers.